I have been waiting for years.  At first it was an interest, then it became something else.  Watching zombie movies is one thing, but this was different.  At some point I stopped being a passive observer, and started actively thinking about, well, zombies.  And the zombie apocalypse, or what I call Zombiegeddon.  I began hoping for the end of the world, and the form that I hoped it would take.  This was around 2001 or 2002.  It wasn’t just me, but my whole group of friends; we would do the usual college thing (sitting around drinking, smoking, etc) but instead of talking about music, entertainment, etc, we would talk about Zombiegeddon, run through scenarios, discuss what plan of action would be most prudent.  Several years later, when the inevitable effects of time and graduation forced me to expand my in-group, I realized that it wasn’t just me and my friends who had this weird over-interest in zombies – it was everywhere.  How did this happen, and why?