I’ve given this a lot of thought and it seems obvious to me that we are dealing with a kind of severe disillusionment.  Really it looks like misanthropy of a sort.  Sure zombies aren’t really human, but they used to be.  Humans don’t have a history of doing anyone any favors, not even other humans.  Our world is falling apart at practically every level and we’re to blame for most of it.  Environmental deterioration and financial decline, which dominate current events these days, are simply symptoms of the failing human experiment.  Misanthropy is defined as “species self-loathing” and if you subscribe to it, it can be difficult to see how anyone could think otherwise.  The Zombie Fascination Phenomenon (or ZFP) is then almost a natural result of the feeling of disappointment and disenfranchisement that accompanies the realization that we aren’t as great as our forefathers believed, that in fact – we suck.