What’s it like to kill someone? I’ve never killed anyone living, so I feel like I don’t really know. What’s it like to kill a zombie? It is satisfying. So satisfying that I hesitate to say that I don’t enjoy doing it. Well, it’s self-defense, basically, so it’s hard to feel too guilty about it. And it only takes one time seeing someone you know kill and eat someone else that you know before you start to realize the breadth of the circumstances, and then you slowly begin to realize that you have to change your entire way of seeing things in order to survive. And for some it gets easier from there – others never get much further.

Did my sister wake up and try to kill and eat me? Yeah, she did. Of course she did, this is zombies we’re talking about. She couldn’t avoid it. You just can’t take it personal. Did I kill her to end her suffering? No, the bitch tried to eat me, I killed her to survive, just like every zombie thereafter. I don’t regret it (I was doing her a favor, after all), but I sincerely wish that it had never had to happen.

After my sister became a zombie I was pretty close to convinced that something bad and weird was going on. I didn’t know quite what to do. I stood for several minutes just staring, not really seeing anything, and eventually started shaking, probably in shock. Then I kind of shook myself, and blinked trying to clear my mind and get myself back in control. I closed and locked the door to the downstairs, and then went into the living room and sat down, making sure the front door was locked too. My mind slowly started to race.