Ok, so I’ve been on vacation for the last 3 weeks, but I’m back now, and just as committed to getting in shape for the zombie apocalypse as ever! Christmas has however wreaked havoc on my weight loss and fitness routine, and so I am still working back into things, and am so relieved to be doing so (visiting family is great, but stressful, and full of food!).
I also have a new addition to my fitness arsenal – a bike. I didn’t ask for it, or even know that I wanted it, but I got one, and I love it. And riding around the neighborhood on it got me thinking about how useful a bike could be during Zombiegeddon.

Women’s Forge Sejour Path Comfort Bike - Egg-Shell White (16")
Aside from offering a nice, low-impact cardio workout, a bike is relatively fast, and maneuverable,  it’s quiet, and it doesn’t require fuel.  The downside is that it is open, leaving you exposed.  For moderately crowded situations, and for reconnaissance purposes I think that a bicycle could be kind of great (not without risks, but great).

I think that the key to minimizing the risks associated with utilizing a bike while in the presence of zombies is to practice riding, to get really good a controlling the bike, and to increase your cardio endurance.  And luckily all you need to do is ride a bike to achieve these things.  Obviously a stationary bike will be able to give you the cardio workout, but without the experience of maneuvering a real bike.

I also theorize that being dresses properly could help make the bike a safer Zombiegeddon option.  By being as fully covered by your clothes as possible you could prevent drive by scratches and bites.  And as always, if you are riding a bike, it is advisable to wear a helmet.