I’m not a member of the NRA, but all I could think about was guns. Had I ever shot a gun? Once, when I was 6. But that notwithstanding, it was glaringly obvious (and had been a much debated topic during my college days, when my group of friends and I had constantly gone over and over zombiegeddon scenarios in a kind of role-playing manner) that a gun was the best weapon against zombies. There are more creative ones, ones that are more fun, but the gun is hands down the most effective. Severing the spinal column and destroying the brain are surprisingly difficult things to do. Without going into unnecessarily gory details, just believe me that you have to have a pretty powerful swing to cut through a persons neck with a machete. Or an ax. Same thing goes for crushing the skull to destroy the brain. I mean these body parts are designed to be hard to mess with. Evolution has designed the human body to protect these and other vital parts. But a gun is, in it’s essence, the ultimate destroying machine. And it is the first thing that my racing brain struck on, and so it was in search of a gun that I left my house, never to return.