I am in mourning for my bachelor’s degree. I have a B.A in creative writing, and it is 100% useless. I didn’t need to get a degree in this subject – I was already a good writer (and I don’t believe that schooling can teach something like really good writing anyway). Writing is a useful talent, and pertains to practically every other subject and discipline. Yes, there are jobs out there for writers (though it is a rather competitive market), and there is always the way offside chance that you could be a successful novelist of some sort. But really, it is practically as useless a degree as say, philosophy or art. Unless you want to teach, and even then…

The B.A (or B.S.) used to be the thing to have. When I left high school in 1999 it was considered an achievement to be going to college in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. And I’m sure that in some fields the bachelors still has weight. However more and more I’ve been noticing that if you want to get the job and be really competitive you need to get a Master’s, or even the PhD. When I was in high school I remember thinking that only medical doctors and scientists got doctorates. I certainly never thought that I would ever be considering pursuing that level of education. But now I feel that without at least a Master’s degree, I may not find a job worth having. And so the prospect of going back to school looms overhead once again.

But the thing is, I really don’t feel like I need more school. I mean, I’ve been in school a really long time. This last 2 years, since I became pregnant and had my baby, is the longest I’ve been out of school since I was 5. Looking at jobs, and faced with applications and cover letters, and trying to sell myself, I’m overwhelmed by the feeling that I am, somehow, qualified to do nothing. I either lack experience, degrees, certifications, or something. And I’m confused because I don’t feel unqualified. And considering that I’ve had, cumulatively, about 20 years of education, I can’t bring myself to believe such a thing. I feel, and I don’t believe that I”m wrong, that I’m qualified to do a lot of things. Yes I may require some on the job, specified training, but I have no doubt that in relatively short order I could be successful doing just about anything. Because you see, if history has taught me anything, it’s that I can be taught. I’m a smart monkey,I can do your stinking job, and I don’t need more degrees (and more student loan debt) to do it.