Alright so I’m finishing week 3 of my gym membership, and my self-training for the zombie Armageddon.  I’m still pushing cardio for endurance (read: ability to out run zombies – just in case they turn out to be those damn fast ones).  But I am also focusing on building my upper body strength. 

If you are a girl (and I happen to be) then it is common to be a bit deficient in this area, but it is important.  Think about climbing.  Could you climb a rope?  For many females the idea is laughable.  I couldn’t do it, literally if my life depended on it.  Could you overpower someone, who weighed over, say, 90lbs ?  And even just defending yourself with a weapon usually requires a good bit of strength to make it effective. 

Free weights are good for upper-body workouts, but at the gym I have the luxury of nautilus machines to help me.  I have been focusing on the overhead press, and the assisted pull up.  Core strengthening is also important to do with this so that you have the middle strength to give momentum and stability to your movements – I like the Plank for a total core workout. 

Another method, if it’s available, is boxing.  A punching bag is one of the best fitness tools out there.  It will build muscle in your arms, legs, and core; it also works with helping to include reflexes and movement into your strength workout (if you get a hanging one that will swing).  The punching bag also provides a cardio workout.  My gym does not have a punching bag, mores the pity.

For me the idea that I couldn’t pull myself up a rope, or many other things, is worrisome within the context of the zombie apocalypse.  Having the upper body strength to defend myself is key, and it is just one of the many things that motivates me while I’m training.