Arthur Saxon performing a bent press.

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Well, I am almost 2 weeks into my new gym membership and my self-training for the zombie apocalypse.  I am taking it slow, so as not to injure myself.  Right now I am up to 25 minutes of cardio followed by another 1/2 hour of strength training 4 days a week.  I am loving it.  First of all it has helped me to quit smoking (none for almost a week!), secondly it just feels great to work out (it’s that good kind of pain).  Also at the end of the day it simply feels good to look back and know that you’ve done something healthy and productive.

I am focusing on increasing my endurance, my upper body strength, and my flexibility (which will decrease my chances of muscle injury, which as anyone who has ever pulled a muscle can attest, can be fairly debilitating).  Whenever I get tired and think that maybe 15 minutes of cardio is enough, I just picture hordes of zombies chasing me, and I keep going. 

Next week my aim is to increase cardio to 30-35 minutes, and to get to the gym 5 days rather than 4.  I started out with only weight loss in mind, and while that is still and always will be a goal, it is nice, since weight loss is so slow-going and efforts so easily begin to seem futile, to have something else driving things.  And so I will continue…