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You know what are great?  Trees.   Trees, and spoons, and European history.  But trees are the greatest during Zombiegeddon because they are numerous and, best of all, zombies can’t  climb trees!  Man, do I love trees.

Whatever was causing people to become zombies, it was working fast.  Even heading away from town, I encountered a large number of zombies.  I attribute this to the element of surprise that zombies have over normal, non-zombie expecting folks.  And of course one cannot ignore that amazingly fast turnover rate that the bitten suffer from.  I didn’t know it at the time, but even if you aren’t fatally wounded by a zombie bite, death is swift to follow regardless, which has led some people to believe that the zombies are venomous,  though I don’t subscribe to this hypothesis myself.

I was searching for a gun, but before I could even get to another house there were at least four zombies who had caught sight of me.  I would have just kept going, and avoided the ones I could see coming, but one caught me  off guard, shambling out from behind a particularly dense stand of pine trees, and so I had little recourse but to go up, away from my pursuers.  Before long all four zombies were at the base of the tree, moaning and reaching up towards me, unable to follow, but stalwart in their determination.  Still, their limbs were unable to be coordinated towards their goal, and after a minute or so I began to relax a bit, as it became clear that climbing was not in the zombie repertoire.  I even laughed a bit, though bitterly and without mirth, “Stupid zombies”.